Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This young man has skills.

Not only karate skills, but intellectual and people skills. He is continually on some type of Dean's list and was recently awarded the Star Citizen Award at his school.

Now he has graduated to the level of Black Belt which to me shows dedication to personal fitness, discipline of the mind and body and commitment to a higher set of values than most young men his age.

I know that his whole family is very proud of him, especially his mother and father. I just wanted to publicly announce that I am one very proud uncle. I can't wait to see the great things you will accomplish in your lifetime.

Congratulations, Nick!


holly said...

he's also blessed to have you as an uncle!

happycrafty said...

AAWW! I just read this post Ren, and Holly's right, he is blessed to have you as an uncle. Thanks for the great post about Nick.