Monday, June 2, 2008

I Dream in Stress

This is typical of the types of dreams I have. I'm usually in some series of situations that require me to solve some problems, sometimes the same one over and over in a groundhog day fashion. Although this one does not repeat exactly, I can't seem to get back to the hospital after my wife has a baby and I continue to go through a series of challenges.

As many of you know, my wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant. Remember, it's a dream, not a Hollywood script. It doesn't really flow or make sense all the time.

It's time. So we're at the hospital. My wife decides to leave the birthing room with all of it accoutrements and have the baby somewhere else in the hospital, away from the doctors in another room. It's some new "program", offering a more natural birth experience with just the husband and wife present. I worried sick about her and the baby.

As the time grows closer, somehow I'm momentarily distracted by my 1 1/2 year old son who has decided to show up in my dream, in the delivery room which has no doctors. (In case you are unaware, both of my daughters, then ages 4 and 2, ended up in the delivery room during his delivery, but that is just my everyday stressful real life that I can recount in another post.)

As I mentally rejoin the game, my wife is handing me the new baby that she had by herself while I was distracted. Everything seems okay. She has cleared the mouth and the midwives begin to gather and start some care. My wife charges me with getting the word out.

Next scene, I'm at my parents house informing them but I don't have all the details of the birth. Since there was no doctor present to call the birth time and weight, I don't have the freaking stats. What good is a new father, getting the word out, without the stats? So I call my wife in the hospital but she has so many visitors and calls, I'm having trouble getting through. Finally, I get the birth time and weight.

I'm trying to write it down and tell my mom at the same time. She's halfway out the door because she wants to go up to the hospital before gallivanting off on some plans she had previously made. I'm there with my dad and for some reason, we have to take the bus back to the hospital. The distance required to walk to the bus stop is putting a visible strain on him and I'm worried for his health. Along the way, I'm not sure I've got $1.25 cash for the ticket. Check my pocket, yes, a wad of 1's and 5's.

We arrive at the bus stop to find everyone from "the door" assembled to ride down to the hospital as well. (I'm talking about the whole "vagabond door troupe" here. About 20 people.) Well, the bus is taking forever to arrive at the stop. I'm looking at my watch and trying to calculate, from the birth time that I just recently found out, how long I've been gone from the hospital. About 4-5 hours. I've got to get back to the hospital.

Some bus like thing comes but it is the wrong one. I get on it to find out what the deal is and while I'm on the thing, the real bus comes. As I emerge from the fake bus, I start running for the real bus. Everyone is yelling and cheering for me and they somehow get the bus to slow down and I'm able to get on.

Well if you have ever ridden the bus, you know it does not take you to your destination, but to a hub. This hub is Colony Square Hotel in downtown Atlanta. I meet up with a few more of my personal friends who are on their way down to the hospital and are waiting on the bus.

I can't take it anymore. I've got to get back to the hospital. So in typical me fashion, I grab the concierge and tell him I need a cab. He directs me to an older guy who supposedly is a cab driver who will take me to his car. I'm taking all my people with me (the door troupe is waiting for the next bus). I better check that wad of 1's and 5's to see if I have enough. Some 10's and 20's are there. The old guy starts leading us away from the bus depot down some stairs, as the buses are rolling in.

We proceed down what seams like an unending spiral staircase to the bottom level ground transportation garage. He has a limousine waiting for us since we are a bigger crowd. I check my pocket again, there's a 100. Now he tells us to wait there while he finds the driver. I thought he was the driver. I've got to get back to the hospital.

While waiting on the driver, I can look up from the garage and see the bus stop. I notice one of my people is still over there and we begin to yell and motion to him to hurry up and come on down.

I finally wake up. Seriously people, I would have rather not gone to sleep. When you sleep in stress, how do you function during the day?

Your interpretations welcome.


Angela said...

Are you sure this was a dream? This sounds like a regular day in our lives to me. ;)

Angela said...

Yes you do dream in stress, but then again, you also live it!

holly said...

finally! a dad pregnancy dream!!
last night i also dreamt that i was at you all's house and watching one or more of your children, but it didn't look like your house, but there was food involved, which i ate and thought, ang won't mind..but in the dream i thought of the door(ren you completely crack me up with the 20 door vagabonds...that is what we were o man!!). and it seemed, ren, like you had a new maroon truck on a platform out in the front yard. there was also some new fangled technology in your house but now i can't remember what it was..
all to say, this dream makes sense to me in a sort of way. or there is some connectivity involved somehow.

holly said...

ren i think the money thing is significant in that you had more than you needed and then the amount increased as your need did. also, you had to go down lower, on a spiral staircase and to me that indicates growth or learning processed in life, in this case you are not going up, but down, so maybe it has to do with humility??? just stabbing in the dark here..but when you went down you were getting the special escort to where you needed to be.
here is what the tehillah dream symbol dictionary says about buses:

Bus: Large group ministry. (1 Kings 12: 18; 2 Kings 2: 11-12; 10:16; Ps. 104: 3; Acts 8: 28-38; 1 Thess. 2: 18)

City Bus: Transport of groups of ministry for the church or the City of God.

Angie said...

I knew Holly would have some insight into the dream realm. I thought the money thing was interesting to, but I was getting stressed reading about your dream. Practically speaking, have you packed your overnight bag yet? I encourage you to lay out your clothes every night so that you can just jump up and get dressed. I would lay out the kids clothes as well. Make sure the diaper bag is packed and ready to go for the kids if you have to drop them off. Who is watching the kids while you guys are at the hospital having the baby? Do you want to throw them out at our house as you are speeding to Athens Regional? Do you want to call me and Davis since we are about 5 minutes closer than Donna? The only thing is that I am on call for the Rekstens so Rachael and Angela can't go into labor at the same time. Sweet dreams.

Davis said...

I read this whole thing and thought, "yeah, man, I hate the parking deck at Colony Square."

shannon said...

Oh, Ren, we love you!
And, you need a beach vacation. I'm in. Bring your 10s and 20s. And Ang and the kids, of course. And you'll probably need that bus, all to yourself, for your 4 kids and all your stuff.
Thanks for sharing. I laughed a lot because I have the same kind of dreams, but only when I'm stressed about something particular, not all the time!

Erin said...

I hate to say it, but I think this dream could really happen to you. But, I also know that Ren Buckland could handle it.